Over the past year I have been doing some photography, videography and graphic design gigs, here are a few examples of my work.

Together with all-around great guy and amazing photographer/journalist Aaron Gekoski we did the photography for several establishments in the Tofo/Barra area in Inhambane, Mozambique. Here are some of the shots I took at Hotel Tofo Mar….


….and Green Turtle Restaurant up in Barra:


The very talented Nina Constable  joined us when photographing Mozambeat Motel:


Next to photography I also did some graphic design work for the Marine Megafauna Foundation starting with this massive 4 x 1 meter banner….

MMF Banner Front

…. as well as a few smaller banners and posters for the Marine Megafauna Foundation and the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, all four showcased here:

MMF Long Banners

I was also fortunate enough to hang out and work with the guys of  the National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Expedition while they were in Mozambique. They used several of my images for a blog post of theirs, and it was a great learning experience seeing filming and doing research underwater (left), as well as getting some amazing aerial shots using remote-controlled hexacopters (right).


Next to photographing and designing banners and posters, I was also fortunate enough to head out with the Nemos Pequenos Education program to the Bazaruto Archipelago and do some filming. I also just finished my demo reel for my underwater footage, all filmed  in Mozambique.