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Daan_FI8A32362From a young age I have been interested in the wild world around me, especially the ocean. I was always dragging my parents to the local aquariums or rummaging around in tidal pools while visiting the beach. I learned to dive when I was 14 years old and have been exploring the underwater world ever since.

Fifteen years later, I still prefer to be at depth underwater rather than stuck on dry land. Situated in Mozambique I am currently conducting my PhD on the movements of reef manta rays along the southern Mozambican coastline using cutting edge technologies such as photo-identification, acoustic telemetry and satellite telemetry. By finding out more about their movement and residency patterns, critical habitats and movement corridors, I hope to gather vital information to develop appropriate conservation strategies for this enigmatic species of ray.

Over the years I have become a self-taught underwater photographer and videographer. I always want to document the natural world, especially the aquatic, in a unique and compelling way. My interest in underwater photography has also led me to start developing an underwater camera trap. This device will allow for continuous and long-term monitoring of visits by marine megafauna species, especially manta rays, at particular sites. Additionally, I am always keen to learn how to spend more time below the waters surface, and have subsequently learnt technical diving and how to dive with rebreathers. This specialized dive equipment will allow for longer observation times and less obtrusive filming of wild animals underwater.

I hope you enjoy my website and the imagery that I have created. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or e-mail me!





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  1. Hi Dan
    Its dan here.
    It interesting your project with the laser cm.
    I build cameras myself. 360 rigs.

    If you need help in the project, let me know,


    • Hi Dan,

      Interesting stuff, 360 cameras. Project has come to a halt a bit, but will let you know if I need any help in the future! Thanks, Daan

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